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11 ways with toast or maybe, toasted memories

Cooking Recollections

My enthusiasm for food started early. Growing up in food-rich central California, my grandparents walked us to the bakery for warm San Francisco sourdough bread. My dad harvested fish, abalone, frog legs and elk that my mom then cooked. There were regular visits to fruit and vegetable stands. Orchards and vineyard were the landscape.

I realized later that my interest in food was unique: most 10-year-olds don’t pore over the Betty Crocker Cookbook for a slumber party menu. I served ice cream-stuffed cantaloupe. Turns out my guests weren’t quite as excited as I was about the party food. But I continued my interest in tasting, eating, collecting and cooking food. All that led me to study nutrition. I earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in food science and human nutrition. The combination of food and nutrition serves me well because I know how to make food taste good and still be good for me.

This month’s The Recipe Redux theme is about food memories. Baking brought me into the kitchen. Probably focused on satisfying my sweet tooth. I kept the cookie jar filled and even won a blue ribbon at the county fair for my brownies. Unfortunately, I no longer have the recipe, but do have the ribbon. A chocolate mayonnaise cake was a family favorite. Remember Jell-O 1, 2, 3?  Jello would form three layers: a creamy top layer, a mousse-like layer and a layer of Jello. I made that too.

My hobby continues to grow. I subscribe to food magazines, listen to food-related podcasts, collect food art, develop recipes, plan travel around food, usually have a cookbook nearby that I’m reading. All these help me track food trends.

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Toast is a food trend. I never knew it went ‘out,’ but toast is in now and experiencing a renaissance with cookbooks devoted to it, restaurants themed around it, bloggers writing about it and pinners pinning it on Pinterest. My grandparents contributed to my toast love. One grandma was known for her raisin bread. She baked it in coffee cans so the slices were round. Toasted with butter was the best. Though it no longer comes warm from the bakery, chewy, tangy sourdough bread is still a favorite. My grandpa would serve it lightly toasted with peanut butter and honey. And that’s how my sister and I still prefer it.Teri Judy

Toasted, 11 ways to top toast

mushroom toast

sauteed mushrooms with herbed cheese

avocado pumpkin seed toast

avocado, tomato, radish, feta cheese and pumpkin seeds

peach basil ricotta toast

peaches, ricotta, basil

cucumber ricotta toast

cucumber, avocado, ricotta

Rhubarb Strawberry Ginger Jam

peanut butter and rhubarb ginger jam

ricotta -kiwi-toast

kiwifruit and ricotta


egg saladgrilled tomato bread4

grilled tomato bread

cranberry bagel

cranberry bagel, dried cranberries, walnuts, ricotta

11 Toast Toppers | Ricotta, yogurt, cheese, seeds, mushrooms, berries, avocado, toast ideas that deliver delish and nutrish. Every bite is healthy body-building. www.LiveBest.info

Let’s see how my fellow Recipe Redux food bloggers remember their food history.

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