Almond Thyme Honey | Drizzle over cheese or yogurt. This infused honey is easy to make. Real food naturally.

Gifts of Health and Wellness

Live even better! I’m sharing my best gifts of health and wellness.

With the year coming to an end, what are you wrapping most? Gifts? Projects? Or maybe yourself in a blanket? I have a few tools to help you get a jump on the new year.

Wrapping up Projects

Things slow down in my office this time of year, so I wrap up projects, clean off my desk, and catch up on journals. This is when I tie up some loose ends and plan for the new year.

Few things say ‘fresh start’ as much as a new calendar. I like a month-at-a-glance feature and used a DayTimer for years and then switched to an ARC Planner. I’ve been hearing about Passion Planner and Panda Planner. What do you use?

Speaking of calendars, I do record the “good stuff.” When achievements, compliments, fun outings and special events happen, I jot them down. That way I can look back on the year and remember things that fed my soul. What fed your soul this year?

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Wrapping Gifts of Health and Wellness

‘course I’m also wrapping gifts. In case you are wondering how you can share the gifts of health and wellness, I’ve compiled a few things for you too consider.

Is your goal to eat more fruits and vegetables?

  • You might like a good blender to make smoothie. I use a Vitamix. This size fits under the counter.
  • Some people spiralize to boost their vegetable eating. I prefer a serrated paring knife,  8-inch chef’s knife or a food processor, but lots and lots of people love the shreds.
  • How about a salad spinner that doesn’t slide around the counter? Not just for lettuce, rinse herbs and berries in it too.
  • An immersion blender is helpful when you make soups. It will blend those vegetables right in the cooking pot.
  • Share the sweet benefits of winter fruit, at the office, as a gift or in your own fruit bowl. Oranges, grapefruit, pomegranates, persimmons and pears are in season now.

citrus fruit bowl

Is your goal to cook more?

For less than $25 you can:

See more of my favorite kitchen items in the LiveBest Kitchen Equipment List.

Share Gifts from Your Kitchen

Salted Honey Sesame Almonds

Salted Honey Sesame Almonds Recipe | Sweet and salty kinda sums me up. How about you?

Salted Honey Sesame Almonds


Ginger Orange Granola

Ginger Orange Granola | Of all the granola combos, THIS is my fave!

Ginger Orange Granola


Apricot Ginger Biscotti

apricot biscotti

Apricot Ginger Biscotti

Almond Studded Chocolate

Coconut Almond Bar | Quick and easy dessert or hostess gift. Oh, and worth every bite!

Almond Studded Chocolate


Pumpkin Spice Seedy Granola

Pumpkin Spice Seedy Granola | A super spicy, seedy granola made in the slow cooker. Rich in protein and fiber, this is real food deliciously.

Pumpkin Spice Seedy Granola

Almond Thyme Honey

Almond Thyme Honey | Drizzle over cheese or yogurt. This infused honey is easy to make. Real food naturally.



A couple books to consider in the wellness arena.

Expectant parents can learn how to Expect the Best before, during and after pregnancy. Written by registered dietitian Elizabeth Ward, this book is easy reading  about nutrition and lifestyle tips to have the healthiest baby possible.

The Telomere Effect, a Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer was one of the better health books I read this year. Coauthored by the Nobel Prize winner who identified telomeres’ role in the aging process, this book applies the science to real life.

And don’t forget! My book. Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest, Simple Solutions for fresh Food & Well-Being

If you’re not ending the year the way you wanted, dig a little deeper and consider my six-week webinar series, You Must be Present to Win. This reboot will help you start the new year on the right foot! Others have found it transforming!

This webinar was simple, practical, sensible, and enjoyable.

My heartfelt thanks for your wonderful course! I appreciated hearing about scientific information and all of the practical advice. I’ve tried several new foods and nearly all have been delicious. It has been fun changing up our standard meals! I’ve lost 12 pounds and a little more than an inch from my waistline. Best of all, my blood pressure is lower, and at a Dr visit last week, was able to stop my blood pressure medication. Striving to always be present ?

“I have learned much, been making changes (grocery cart, cooking, eating and “soul food!!”) yet still have progress to make. You have provided me the practical knowledge and tools to make that progress. Thanks so much!!”

Wishing you happy, healthy holidays and cheer!

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