Crush Dinner Bootcamp cook online with a dietitian

Are you bored making the same old meals?
Want more delish and nutrish?
Feeling isolated, but want to connect with others?
Let's do it together!

From beginner cooks to seasoned ones, I teach people to crush dinner with deliciously healthful food.

As an award-winning registered dietitian, with a master’s degree in food science and human nutrition, I get it! You don’t need another meatloaf recipe; you need more plant-forward foods to feel lighter. I'm a culinary dietitian who develops recipes with more fiber, lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables that also pass the taste test. The same recipes that are published in top magazines!

I'm a health champion who teaches you how to solve the dinner dilemma, deliciously, using everyday ingredients to take your food from DRAB to FAB and enjoy wholesome, nourishing meals. This dinner refresh boosts your kitchen confidence without having to leave home. Completely online, in real time – it’s a virtual cooking class!

Let me help you

  • Enjoy quick-to-fix, fun, flavorful, inspiring meals
  • Get out of your dinner rut with healthful, fresh, easy recipes
  • Gain cooking and creativity confidence
  • Stock your kitchen with better-for-you food
  • Intentionally connect with others around the table
  • Establish cooking roots so that you have wings to fly

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Take a peek inside a class. You'll see they're casual, interactive, and fun.

Here's what you get when you purchase the CRUSH Dinner Bootcamp

CRUSH Dinner Bootcamp is just $129!

You’ll get complete access to the four-week course, which includes:

  • We cook together

    We cook together in real time, then we eat together. People love that we end class talking over dinner together.

  • We connect

    We connect via Zoom, a free app, so we can see and hear each other. People like the social part of class.

  • 4, 1-hour(ish) live cooking classes

    In your own kitchen (I’m in my kitchen, you’re in yours)

You’re not buying one-time results; you’re feeding your soul and nourishing your body so that you can live your best life to do the things you truly want to do. For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.

How do the virtual classes work?

  • A community

    Meet new people where we share recipes and ideas, talk about meal prep and menu planning, and more!

  • Grocery list

    You’ll receive a grocery list a week before class so you can get ready, but no cooking ahead, we do that in class.

The classes are recorded so if you’re traveling or have a conflict one week, no problem, you can catch up later. Simple as that!

Here’s the menu



This week a plant-forward meal! We practice knife skills, talk healthier ingredients, seasonings, cooking methods, and fun flavors. Recipes like Black Bean Mango Quinoa Salad or Sweet Potato Nachos.


There’s more to tacos than meat and cheese! Fold your tortilla around some delish and nutrish ingredients like…fish tacos with pickled onions, cabbage, and yogurt chipotle crema.



You’re probably cooking pasta every week, but by the end of this class, you’ll twirl pasta around a power-packed fork! Like spinach & blistered tomato pasta. Healthy fats, fiber, and so good, you may want to lick the bowl.


By the end of class, you have perfected a Mediterranean Power Bowl. PLUS, you’ll know the “who, what, where, when, and why” to make nutrient-rich meals AND have a lot more answers to “what’s for dinner?”


Students love the class!

  • “Ms. LiveBest, Judy Barbe, shares her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. Her classes are fun and helpful. We’ve taken classes around the world, but hers are the recipes that we’re making again and again. We look forward to more classes.”


  • “Thank you for a great class! It was fun and tasted wonderful! I will definitely fix that again. My husband also really liked it!”


  • “Thanks for adding such fun and nutrition to our lives! I look forward to more fun classes with you!”

    -Mary Anne

  • “I felt lighter after the CRUSH Dinner Bootcamp. The meals were satisfying and I just felt better!”


  • “We are making your recipes again and again! We have taken classes with such complicated recipes that I have not made them since.”



Are you ready to CRUSH Dinner?


You do NOT need:

  • great cooking skills.
  • high-end equipment,
  • special ingredients, or
  • to spend all day in the kitchen.

I've looked at other programs. Some have your health in mind, but the food just doesn't inspire. Others use too much sugar and butter. I do it with your health and tastebuds in mind.

Truly, this is where the fun stuff happens!

Join me on this culinary journey to help you get a handle on your cooking skills and transform the way you approach food.

4 weeks of healthful recipes, nutrition tidbits, cooking tips, and taste for only $129! Next class: February 2, 4:30 PM MST, 5:30 CST

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February 2, 5:30 pm CST

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